Further Qualifications




As well as entry level training we also teach the higher level BSAC grades from Sport Diver to Dive Leader to Advanced diver along with some skill development courses such as Nitrox and Oxygen Administration. This training is "free" which is included as part of the club training structure.

If you don't already hold a BSAC qualification but have a qualification from another agency then don't worry - you wont have to sit all the courses in order to progress. BSAC allows a crossover which allows you to enter the training at a level appropriate to your existing training. Click HERE to download the alternative training document to see where you'd fit in.


After sports diver the next step is "Dive Leader Programme"

This course greatly expands on the knowledge and skills introduced in Sports Diver and is geared towards teaching an experienced diver how to supervise and dive with those of lesser experience along with conducting more advanced dives. It contains rescue skills, oxygen administration, decompression, air and general dive planning in addition to revisiting existing skills. After completion of Dive Leader you can eventually be certified to dive to a depth of 50m.


Once you have obtained the Ocean Diver qualification the next step on the ladder is "Sports Diver". This course allows you to progress to dive to a maximum depth of 35 meters, perform dives requiring mandatory decompression stops. In addition this course will teach you other skills such as surface marker buoy use, rescue skills including CPR and rescue breathing, dive planning and organisation of diving. The qualification involves theory lectures, pool lessons, dry practical's, open water dives and a theory assessment. Click here for a more detailed description of the grade.


There are higher grades available under the BSAC scheme, for more information CLICK HERE.

BSAC also offer a variety of SDC,s (Skill development courses) to meet the needs and interests of all divers. These courses are run are regularly held by Regional Coaching Teams, BSAC Centres and can also be run and held in local dive Clubs.

So, whether your interest is in Chartwork, rescue, Oxygen Administration, first aid, boat handling, wrecks, technical, marine life or photography, there is a BSAC specialist course for everybody.

For a full list of courses CLICK HERE .

We have a list of training dates for various courses being run on our website.

If you'd like any more information on the training offered within the club then please CONTACT US!