OK now for the not-so-nice part!

Scuba diving generally isn't a cheap sport and its important you are aware of that from the start.

Initially we require that you purchase a student training pack (retail £60)(Members price £40 plus p+p) and be a full member of BSAC (£56:50 per year) along with that you then have to join our club The Heads of the Valleys Sub Aqua Club (£14 per month).

In addition we request that the trainee own their own mask, fins and snorkel (£60 or so), although the club does have this equipment available on a loan basis. This is the initial outlay needed for the sheltered water training.


When it comes to the open water dives we request that the trainee own most of their own scuba equipment by then (maybe not a tank) but again the club has this equipment available on a loan basis which will require a small deposit..

Depending on if this is sourced new, second hand, part of a bundle the cost varies but you can expect to pay at least several hundred pounds initially in total to get yourself started.

Having said that, once you have your own equipment you'll find it'll last for years, possibly decades as long as you service and take care of it.