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Divers Completing a Try Dive

Try a Dive!


If you're interested in scuba diving but not sure if its for you or how you'll like it there's an ideal solution, a Try Dive Session.

No experience is needed - it doesn't matter if you've never snorkeled or even stuck your head underwater before in your life.


All you need is to be fairly comfortable in a swimming pool and meet some very simple basic medical requirements by completing a standard form prior to the dive. If you want to see the form in advance or even complete it in advance click the link and it can be downloaded here.


The whole experience takes just over an hour to complete and at the end of it you should have a good idea as to whether you like it or not.


You start off with a brief from one of our instructors detailing the few things you need to remember and then they'll show you the equipment you'll be using. Next you'll get changed and get into the swimming pool without the equipment in waist deep water. There you'll practice a few things such as fitting a diving mask and fins, swimming with fins and for those with no experience of snorkeling you'll practice putting your face in the water to get comfortable.


After that, the instructor will assist you in fitting your SCUBA equipment and still in shallow water just get you kneeling on the bottom to get used to the unusual feeling of breathing and seeing underwater.


As you get more comfortable the instructor will take you gradually deeper and allow you to swim around whilst still being under close supervision. If you want to stop at any time, not go deeper or simply surface to ask a question that's entirely in your control and can do so at any time.


You'll spend the rest of the pool session just swimming around enjoying yourself After that's complete you'll have the chance to ask the instructor any related questions you want.

Pool Training

If you'd like any more information about a try dive or want to book one please don't hesitate to contact us.


What does it Involve



Time: 90 mins

You need: Towel, Swimwear

Medical disclaimer form completed

Brief from instructor

Practice in shallows

Swim around

Have fun !

Potential New Member on an Introductory Dive

The introductory "try dive" is designed to give people who've never tried it before the opportunity to experience scuba diving for the first time in a swimming pool with close supervision by one of our nationally qualified instructors in a safe swimming pool environment.

New Trainee Ocean Divers under Instruction

After this experience you may well decide you want to learn to dive and enrol on a course. For more information on that process see the "Learning to dive" section on this site.

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